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One dozen assorted cake pops MARBLE CAKE POPS Spring is here!
Dozen Pop Mix Assortment
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00

Just can’t choose one flavor or style of cake pop you like best? Who could blame you?! Now you don’t have to choose; simply try our tantalizing mixed assortment of cake pops for a well-rounded sampler of our most popular flavors. Each order of cake pops by the dozen contains four red velvet, four chocolate, and four vanilla cake pop flavors and come in an array of colors ranging from daffodil yellow to midnight blue. Order these assorted cake pop for events, gifts, parties, or just to taste for yourself.

Each pop in this cake pop variety box comes individually wrapped with a metallic twist, for convenient transport or to give as gifts or favors. Choose whether you want to display it on a stand or receive the pops in a closed box, select your shipping or delivery option, and you’re ready to enjoy. Order yours today!

Each Dozen Mixed Assortment Contains:

  • 4 Red Velvet Cake
  • 4 Chocolate Cake
  • 4 Vanilla Cake

All cake pops come individually wrapped with a metallic twist tie and are displayed standing upright.

With dazzling swirls that will remind you of your most prized marbles that you loved as a child, these gorgeous marble cake pops are the perfect pick-me-up for any day of the week! Clean, inviting white mixes with an array of vibrant colors – crimson, taffy pink, canary yellow, cobalt blue, violet, and shamrock green – for a stunning display of mouthwatering treats. Order these marbled cake pops online for easy shipping options or fast, personal New York delivery and surprise a friend or loved one with a creative and delicious gift.

We offer our marbled cake pops by the dozen, so you can display them at your next event and wow your guests. With each dozen, choose one of our delectable signature flavors: chocolate marshmallow, Funfetti, Nutella, our POP mix (chocolate, vanilla and red velvet), cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla or red velvet. They come individually wrapped for easy gift-giving or to hand out as favors. Order yours today and get them delivered personally if you’re in New York City!

  • 12 Assorted colors marbled cake pops
  • Individually wrapped
  • Made to order
  • Displayed in stand or gift box
DISPLAYED IN AN ARRANGEMENT. Customize your order by letting us know your specific color theme and we will create an amazing assortment of decorations and cake flavors(chocolate, red velvet and vanilla) You get Marbled cake pops/Signature Swirled and Sprinkled.
Please specify color theme upon checkout.
Up to 3 colors per dozen.

Dozen Glitter Rainbow Cake pops Valentine Cake Pops, Valentine Chocolates YOU ARE MY LOVE
Our Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99
Eat the (glitter) Rainbow!

This adorable set includes:

12 glitter rainbow cake pops
Individually wrapped
Displayed in a stand or gift box
You pick the flavor

Delicate and decadent cake pops in chocolate, red velvet and pink vanilla cake.

This cuties come individually wrapped and displayed in a stand.

Pre-order now for a future date.

Heart shaped cake pops in red and pink with white sprinkles.

Delicate and decadent cake pops in chocolate, red velvet and red velvet cake.

This cuties come individually wrapped and displayed in a stand.

Pre-order now for a future date.
Dozen Roses Cake Pops Valentine's Day Cake Pop arrangement gift Dozen Red Rose Cake Pops
Dozen Roses Cake Pops
Our Price: $54.00
Dozen Red Rose Cake Pops
Our Price: $58.00
The Perfect Gift! 12 Cake pops with edible roses.

Cake, Chocolate and Flowers all in ONE!

White Display stand included.

Handmade to order.
Individually wrapped.
Cake flavor of your choice.
Heart shaped cake pops and red rose cake pops.

Delicate and decadent cake pops in chocolate, red velvet and red velvet cake.

This cuties come individually wrapped and displayed in a stand or in a vase for local NYC deliveries

Pre-order now for a future date.
Say it with flowers!

Individually Wrapped
Stand is included

Enter gift message during checkout.

Do you know we can make any color rose? Just let us know during checkout.
Valentine Cake Pops Unicorn Dust Cake Pops Unicorn Cake Pop
Unicorn Dust Cake Pops
Our Price: $60.00
Unicorn Cake Pop
Our Price: $66.00
The sweetest gift of them all!

4 pink cake hearts
4 chocolate cake hearts
4 red velvet cake "love"

Displayed in a ceramic vase
Original Designed Beautiful hand painted Unicorn cake pops.

Each set comes with 6 unicorn cake pops in funfetti cake and 6 color pops with gold dust on top in chocolate cake for a total of 12 pieces.
Individually Wrapped
Made to order
Pre-order for a future date

The most magical of them all!

12 Unicorn Cake Pop in Funfetti Flavor
Individually Wrapped
Select if you want them in an ice cream cone, regular standing up or upside down

Cake pops Arrangement in a Vase, Edible Arrangement, Gift arrangements, Arrangements, Custom Cake, Birthday Cake, Birthday Gifts, Get Well Gift
3 Dozens of our most popular cake pop flavors and color designs (chocolate, Red velvet and Vanilla flavors) available for delivery or pick up in the New York City area. All the cake pops will be individually wrapped and are fresh for 7 days at room temperature.

*Local Delivery only