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One dozen assorted cake pops MARBLE CAKE POPS Dozen Glitter Rainbow Cake pops
Dozen Pop Mix Assortment
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00
Try our tantalizing mixed assortment of cake pops for a well-rounded sampler of our most popular flavors and decorations in an array of eye catching colors.
Available displayed in stand or in a clear gift box.
Order yours today!
Each Dozen Mixed Assortment Contains:
* 4 Red Velvet Cake * 4 Chocolate Cake * 4 Vanilla Cake All cake pops come individually wrapped with a metallic twist tie.

Kids love this Marble design, Colors are customizable upon request. hello@nycakepops.com

We offer our marbled cake pops by the dozen, so you can display them at your next event and wow your guests. PRE-ORDER yours today and get them delivered personally if you’re in New York City!

  • 12 Assorted colors marbled cake pops
  • Individually wrapped
  • Made to order
  • Displayed in stand or gift box
Eat the (glitter) Rainbow!

This adorable set includes:

12 glitter rainbow cake pops
Individually wrapped
Displayed in a stand or gift box
You pick the flavor

Unicorn Dust Cake Pops Marble Ice Cream Cake Pops Dozen Double Delight
Unicorn Dust Cake Pops
Our Price: $54.00
Dozen Double Delight
Our Price: $65.99
Original Designed Beautiful hand painted Unicorn cake pops.

Each set comes with 6 unicorn cake pops in funfetti cake and 6 color pops with gold dust on top in chocolate cake for a total of 12 pieces.
Individually Wrapped
Made to order
Pre-order for a future date

The most fun ice cream cake pops!

Pick the flavor!
12 Assorted color marble cake pops
They come individually wrapped and ready to go. Pre order for any future date.

The ultimate dessert! 12 Double Ice Crean shaped Cake pops!
Half Vanilla and half Chocolate cake
available for local delivery and displayed in stand or in gift box.
Unicorn Cake Pop Cake Pop Arrangement, Cake Pop Display, Cake pop gifts
Unicorn Cake Pop
Our Price: $66.00
The most magical of them all!

12 Unicorn Cake Pop in Funfetti Flavor
Individually Wrapped
Select if you want them in an ice cream cone, regular standing up or upside down

Instead of a messy cake, try celebrating your young ones birthday with these colorful yummy cake pops in a custom tiered cake stand! Our cake pops are fresh for seven days and come individually wrapped.

*Local deliveries only.

Birthday Cake Pops

Birthdays should never be dull or boring, so why settle for another plain old sheet cake? Cake pops make the perfect cake alternatives for parties, offering the same celebratory sweetness with a bit more originality. Best of all, you’ll never have to debate over whether you should have gotten the chocolate or the vanilla cake; simply order our beautiful cake pops in assorted flavors and allow your guests or gift recipient to select and enjoy their favorites.

Browse our selection of gorgeous cake pops, chosen especially because they’re all likely to bring birthday joy in their own way. From bright and colorful cake pops that are perfect for a variety of tastes to whimsical animal-themed cake pops for the young or young-at-heart, we have something for everyone. Serve our cake pops for your own birthday party or use our cake pops birthday delivery service to delight a friend or loved on their birthday. Young or old, classic or modern, sophisticated or lively, every guest of honor can find something to love about our happy birthday cake pops. Order yours today!